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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why is the Big G named "Big G"?

A: In the '50s &'60s, the cereal manufacturer General Mills (whose logo was a G) had a slogan, "The Big G stands for goodness".  The big G to which the slogan referred was the G logo of the company. In reality, the G of the Big G represents the sound of Solid Gold music.

Q: How long has the Big G been doing radio?

A: The Big G started in radio sometime after the inception of Rock 'n' Roll, but before hip-hop.

Q: What is the name of the K-Radio Flashback theme song?

A: The Beach Boys version of Misirlou.

Q: Why is the show called K-Radio Flashback?

A: The K-Radio refers to the call letters of the radio station where the Big G got his start - KDET. The Flashback alludes to flashing back in time - to hear oldies music, of course.

Q: Who are Freddie J, Smokin' Joe & Smilin' K?

A: They are the cast members of K-Radio Flashback.

Q: Why does the big G talk about This Day in Vietnam ?

A: The big G is a Vietnam veteran and believes that it is important for Americans to not forget that era in American history and recognize the sacrifices of those who served during an unpopular war.




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